Will I be charged for requesting information under the FOI Act?

No. There is no charge for personal or non personal requests.
Other charges may be applied for the time spent finding records and for any photocopying costs incurred in providing you with the material requested. It is very unlikely that any fees will be charged in respect of personal records, except where a large number of records are involved. Section 27 of the FOI Act provides for fees.

Fee List

€30.00 internal review fee - non personal requests
€10.00 internal review fee (medical card holders)
€50.00 appeal to the Information Commissioner
€10.00 appeal to the Information Commissioner (medical card holders)
€20 per hour for search and retrieval
€0.04 per sheet for a photocopy
The following requests/applications are exempt from a fee:

1.    a request under Section 12 for a record or records containing only personal information related to the requester;

2.    an application under Section 9 (right of amendment of records relating to personal information);

3.    an application under Section 10 (right of person to information regarding acts of public bodies affecting the person).