International Protection Office

Customer Complaints Procedure


Our Commitment


The International Protection Office (IPO) is committed to providing a quality customer service in our day to day work. If you are not satisfied with the standard of service you received from our Office or from any of our staff, you may complain to us in writing and we will investigate your complaint promptly, thoroughly and fairly.


We will also endeavor to ensure that the cause of the complaint is put right and that it is not repeated in the future.


What issues are covered by the complaints procedure?


Our complaints procedure covers poor customer service in relation to the administration of the general functions of the Office.



What issues are not covered?

Because an alternative remedy is available for such matters, our complaints procedure does not cover:


Note: To appeal a recommendation in respect of an application for international protection, you should contact the International Protection Appeals Tribunal:

International Protection Appeals Tribunal

6/7 Hanover Street East

Dublin 02 W320



How do I make a Complaint?

1.       Contact our Customer Liaison Officer and ask for a Complaints Form. You may contact us by:

Post:    Customer Liaison Officer

International Protection Office

79-83 Lower Mount Street

Dublin 2



2    Complete and sign the Complaints Form and return it to us in the FREEPOST envelope which you received with the form.  Please note that:


Must I use the official Complaints Form?

No.  We will accept a written complaint that is not on an official Complaints Form, provided it is signed by you and contains all the information necessary to investigate your complaint.  However, we would encourage you to use the official Complaints Form so that all relevant information is provided.


Can anyone else make a complaint on my behalf?

Yes.  We will accept a complaint made on your behalf by your legal representative.  We will also accept a complaint made on behalf of a child by the child's legal guardian.


Is there a time limit to filing a complaint?

Yes.  Generally speaking you must make your complaint within six months of the event about which you are complaining.


What about a complaint in another language?

You may complete the Complaints Form in the language which is most convenient to you.


If I make a complaint, will this have any effect on my application for International Protection or on any other statutory recommendation or decision issued by the IPO in respect of myself?

The processing of your application for International Protection (or any other statutory recommendation/decision function of the IPO) will not be affected by the making of a complaint. 


What will you do with my complaint?

When we receive your written complaint, we will:

In most cases, send you a full reply within 20 working days.  If this is not possible, we will send you regular updates about the progress of your complaint.


What if I am not satisfied with the reply I receive?

If you are not satisfied with our reply, you may ask for a review.  However, you must ask for the review within 10 working days from the date of the reply.  We will not consider applications for review outside of the 10 day limit.


How do I request a review?

You may ask for a review by writing to the Customer Liaison Officer.  You should quote your complaint number (you will find this on the letter you received from us) and explain why you are not satisfied with the reply you received.


How will my application for review be handled?

We will write to you within 5 working days to let you know that we have received your application for review.

A different official will review your complaint.

We will write to you within 20 working days and let you know the outcome of your request for review.  If we cannot respond in this time, we will send you updates about the progress of your application for review.