Renewal of Temporary Residence Certificate


Who is entitled to a Temporary Residence Certificate (TRC)?

Any applicant who is currently in the International Protection process and is complying with the process is entitled to receive a TRC.

TRC will not be issued to anyone who;


How can I renew my TRC

The TRC Renewal Form can be found here.

If your TRC is expired or due to expire within the next 3WEEKS please email

On receipt of a request to renew, your eligibility will be checked and if eligible you will be issued a new TRC by post to the address on your file.

** Please note the email address above is strictly for TRC Renewals only, any general queries or requests received will be ignored. You will not receive a reply from this mailbox.


**Please email for general queries.


How long does it take to receive a new TRC?

Please allow up to 30 working days to receive your new TRC from the day you send the request.


I have recently requested a new TRC but it has not arrived?

Due to very high demand, services such as renewing TRC may take longer than usual. Please be patient and do not submit multiple requests.

If your card does not arrive within 6 weeks of submitting your first request, you may send a second request stating on the subject line that it is a ‘Second Request’.


I have changed my address recently, how can I get a TRC sent to my new address?

If you have recently changed address, please submit a signed change of address form to Your address will be updated and your TRC will be posted to the new address.


How long will my card be issued for?

TRC is issued for either 3, 6 or 9 months depending on the stage of the process the applicant is at.


Can I attend the office on Lower Mount Street to have my TRC renewed?

No. The International Protection Office is no longer open for applicants to renew their cards in person.

All requests must be submitted through