1. Where a person makes an application for international protection on or after 8 November 2022,  the following procedure will apply.

From 8 November 2022 new procedures have been introduced in the International Protection Office (IPO) to accelerate the process for making a protection application in Ireland. The introduction of these new procedures are in parallel with a commitment to significantly increase the resources available for the international protection system in Budget 2023. The main purpose of these new Regulations (The European Communities (International Protection Procedures) Regulations 2022 and the International Protection Act 2015 (Procedures and Periods for Appeals) (Amendment) Regulations 2022) was to establish an accelerated process for international protection applicants from safe countries of origin.

From Tuesday 8 November 2022 any applicant for international protection attending at the Reception Unit of the IPO will complete a preliminary interview, an application for international protection and will also be required to complete the Questionnaire  (Application Process) (IPO2) regarding their application and the reasons they are seeking the State’s protection.

The IPO will have interpretation services and cultural mediators available to support applicants in understanding and completing their International Protection application on the day.

The introduction of the new procedure allows for a person to have their case dealt with in a more timely manner. Under the new procedure, applicants from a safe country of origin will also receive their substantive interview date on the day they apply for international protection which will reduce their waiting time for an interview to a matter of weeks.

The application process remains the same for all international protection applicants and applicants under the new procedure will still have the right to appeal a negative recommendation by the IPO to the International Protection Appeals Tribunal. 

All applications for international protection are examined fully and individually on their merits, including those from countries which are designated as safe countries of origin.


2. Where an applicant made an application for International Protection up to and including 7 November 2022 and needs assistance accessing their questionnaire

Where an applicant applied for international protection on or before 7 November 2022 they need to submit an International Protection Questionnaire. They will have received information already about how to access the questionnaire.

An applicant who applied on or before 7 November who has not already accessed their questionnaire should contact the Customer Service Centre, International Protection Office for assistance.  The Customer Service Centre will arrange to send them a questionnaire to complete.  

Contact details below:

The Customer Service Centre, International Protection Office can be contacted by email, post or phone.




Postal address:

International Protection Office

Immigration Service Delivery (ISD)

79-83 Lower Mount St.

Dublin 2





+353 1 602 8000


Telephone line operating hours for the Customer Service Centre are:

Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)


11 November 2022