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International Protection Office, Timberlay House, 78-83 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2 is open between 09:00 and 14:30, Monday to Friday.

Citywest Convention Centre, Garter Lane, Saggart, Dublin 24, D24 KF8A is open between 08:00 and 14:30, Monday to Friday.



From 10th April 2024, International Protection Office processes applications at two locations:


Families, with a child/children under 18 years of age, where the family is making an application on the same day, go to the Citywest Convention Centre, Garter Lane, Saggart, Dublin 24, D24 KF8A


All other applicants including:

                - go to the International Protection Office, Timberlay House, 78-83 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2, D02 ND99


Information for applicants

Please see our informational leaflet for applicants on this new location, which is available in: Ndebele, Bengali, Spanish, Portuguese, Georgian, Arabic, Urdu, Somali.

Citywest Applicant Handout

For additional languages, please click on this link.


Are you a family with a child/children under 18 years of age, making an application together on the same day?

If YES, go to the Citywest Convention Centre, Garter Lane, Saggart, Dublin 24, D24 KF8A


How do I get to Citywest?

The following transit lines have routes to Citywest Convention Centre from Dublin City:


When should I go to Citywest?

If you are a family with a child/children under 18 years of age with you, you should go directly to the Citywest location. Opening hours are 08:00 - 14:30, Monday - Friday.


What happens when I arrive?

Staff, interpreters and/or cultural mediators will assist you to complete the necessary application forms. Processing time will take approximately 3-5 hours.


Are you a single applicant, couple without children, or same sex couple?

If YES, go to the International Protection Office, Timberlay House, 78-83 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2, D02 ND99 , where your application will be processed. Opening hours are 09:00 - 14:30, Monday - Friday


Are you under 18 travelling by yourself without a parent/guardian?

If YES, go to the International Protection Office, Timberlay House, 78-83 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2, D02 ND99, where your application will be processed. Opening hours are 09:00 - 14:30, Monday - Friday


Do you have an application and wish to register your child or other dependent?

If YES, go to the International Protection Office, Timberlay House, 78-83 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2, D02 ND99 , where your application will be processed. Opening hours are 09:00 - 14:30, Monday - Friday


Please bring all official documentation, such as passports and birth certificates, with you at the time of application.

If you have queries, contact




Implementation of Paperless Procedure

The IPO is adopting a digital first approach, phasing out the use of paper files. This will improve our service to applicants and help us speed up processing times to give people decisions on their cases as quickly as possible.


With effect from 1 September 2023,  all correspondence must be submitted by email only to unless the IPO has specifically requested the submission of original copies of official documents by post.

The IPO will return all unsolicited documents sent by post to sender and will not take any action in relation to them. Applicants and their representatives may continue to submit any documentation they wish by e-mail.



The European Communities (International Protection Procedures) Regulations 2022 and the International Protection Act 2015 (Procedures and Periods for Appeals) (Amendment) Regulations 2022


From 8th November 2022 new procedures will be introduced in the International Protection Office to accelerate the process for making a protection application in Ireland. The introduction of these new procedures are in parallel with a commitment to significantly increase the resources available for the international protection system in Budget 2023.

The main purpose of these new regulations is to establish an accelerated process for international protection applicants from safe countries of origin.

From Tuesday 08 November 2022 any applicant for International Protection attending at the reception of the International Protection Office (IPO) will complete a preliminary interview and will also be required to complete the International Protection Questionnaire (IPO2) regarding their application and the reasons they are looking for protection.

The International Protection Office will have interpretation services available to support applicants in completing their International Protection application on the day.

The introduction of the new procedure will allow for a person to have their case dealt with in a more timely manner. Applicants from a safe country of origin will also receive their interview date on the day they apply for international protection which will reduce their waiting time for an interview to a matter of weeks.

The application process remains the same for all international protection applicants and applicants under the new procedure will still have the right to appeal a negative recommendation by the IPO to the International Protection Appeals Tribunal. 

All applications for international protection are examined fully and individually on their merits, including those from countries which are designated as safe countries of origin.

Frequently asked questions can be found here.

Information regarding the questionnaire can be found here.



The EU has agreed a Temporary Protection measure to offer quick and effective assistance to people fleeing the war in Ukraine. This means you will be granted temporary protection for at least one year in Ireland should you wish to avail of it. This protection will allow you to work and provide access to health services, accommodation, education for children and other social supports. Details of the new measure will be published on our website soon. Please check

This means you do not need to go through the asylum procedure unless you wish to. We currently recommend that Ukrainian nationals refrain from submitting an asylum application. If you change your mind and wish to apply for asylum, you will be allowed to. The basic right to apply for asylum remains unaffected by this protection measure.

The 90 day permission you get on arrival gives you time to think. Please do not feel under any pressure to apply for asylum or any other permission straight away.


Change of Address Form - IPO 08(b)

In accordance with section 16(3)(c) of the International Protection Act 2015 you must inform the Minister of Justice of your address and any change of address as soon as possible.

Please use the IPO 08(b) Change of Address form here.

The Office will accept scanned/photos of this form, once signature and date are included. Please include a copy of your current in-date TRC card when submitting the form electronically.

Send the completed form to


Temporary Residence Certificates (Blue card)

Information on TRC renewals (Blue Card) can be found here.


Expressions of Interest to join the IPO Case Processing Panel

The International Protection Office is seeking Expressions of Interest for assignment to its existing Case Processing Panel. Further information can be found here.



Please follow government advice regarding Covid-19 matters at all times.


For general immigration queries, which may also apply to international protection applicants, please see the link to Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) here .


13 June 2024



The International Protection Office (IPO) is an office within the Immigration Service Delivery (ISD  responsible for processing applications for international protection under the International Protection Act 2015. It also considers, as part of a single procedure process, whether applicants should be given permission to remain. The IPO comprises, inter alia, a Chief International Protection Officer and international protection officers who are independent in the performance of their international protection functions. 



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