International Protection Office

Our Responsibilities

The International Protection Office (IPO) is an office within the Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) , responsible for examining and processing applications for international protection.


The head of the IPO is the Chief International Protection Officer, who leads a team of international protection officers. The Chief International Protection Officer and their team of international protection officers are statutory independent in the performance of their duties.  The International Protection Act 2015 outlines the two forms of international protection:


Staff of the IPO will also decide, on behalf of the Minister, whether or not permission to remain in the State (Ireland) should be granted on other grounds to unsuccessful applicants for international protection.

Further information on the qualification for international protection can be found in Part 2 of the International Protection Act 2015.


A general overview of the international protection process under the International Protection Act 2015 can be viewed here.


Further information:

The International Protection Office can be contacted by email, post or phone.




Postal address:

International Protection Office

Immigration Service Delivery (ISD)

79-83 Lower Mount St.

Dublin 2





+353 1 602 8000

This information is not legal advice and does not give a legal interpretation of the International Protection Act 2015. If you require more information about the 2015 Act and its effect on your case, you should obtain legal advice.